Consulting assignments undertaken by Excalibur KK have helped governments, corporations and institutions in setting their strategies in aerospace and space exploration We have worked extensively with clients from Japan, the United States, Russia, China, Ukraine and the member countries of the European Space Agency. Among our areas of expertise:

Marketing Trends

We survey and analyze the latest business developments and trends in the space and aviation industry targeted specifically to your business needs making use of our global contacts.

Technology Trends in Space and Aviation

We conduct high-level research into fields that will have a major impact on the space industry, such as:-- Earth observation satellites-- Space transportation systems-- Space communications-- Remote sensing systems-- Space station utilization-- Space-based defense systems-- Civil aviation-- Military aviation-- Aircraft engines-- Other related topics

Public Affairs

We track and report on regulatory and legislative developments in Japan that have an impact on space development, aviation, and national security policy-making.

Business Development and Partnerships

We assist investors and corporations by identifying M&A and business alliance opportunities within the space and aviation sector.

General Advisory Services

We offer a wide range of bespoke advisory and support services in the space and aviation industries.

Procurement, Import/Export Assistance

We provide procurement and import/export assistance for aerospace equipment sales, including scientific and observation equipment, microsatellites, small spacecraft and other space and aviation related systems. Within this sector, Excalibur KK is the sole distributer in Japan for the products developed by the Lviv Centre of Space Research, the National Science Academy of Ukraine and the National Space Agency of Ukraine.

Training and seminars

Our specialists can provide tailor-made training on key aspects of the aerospace industry to help firms wishing to increase their expertise in this highly technical area. We can also give seminars at corporate events on various topics of interest in the sector. Topics can include engineering issues, government policy and regulatory issues, the global aerospace market, as well as other topics on request.

Exhibition design and support (link to powerpoint presentation)

We Can assist in idea generation, design and construction of corporate displays for aerospace –related trade shows and conferences.

Surveys and Investigations Conducted in the Past Fiscal Year

 Surveys and Investigations Conducted in the Past Fiscal Year
2008Framework for Advanced Space Activity Law
The Next Generation Space Project (Space Robot)
Global Trend of Space Development
Global Trend of GEO communication Satellite
Global Trend of Small Satellite Development
Monitoring Study of Global Satellite Development
Global Competitiveness in Integrated Space System
Study of China and The APSCO
Support System of Space Development in Europe and the USA
Global Standard of Space Technology
Global Military Space System
Trend of Space Development in African Nations
Study of Space Tourism
Space Debris Mitigation
Assist For Displays, Exhibitions and Digital Contents