CEO & President: Hiroshi Yoshida

CEO & President: Hiroshi Yoshida

Hiroshi Yoshida began his career in 1980 with Shimizu Corp., one of Japan's leading, engineering and general construction firms with involvement in a number of aerospace-related projects, including plans to build the world's first space hotel.
In 1987, when Shimizu began "CSP Japan", the first space consulting firm in Japan, Yoshida was in charge of its client-based research business, working with a range of corporations and space-related organizations.
In 2003, he joined ASTRO Research Corporation, a space consulting firm, where he headed new business development.Yoshida established Excalibur KK, in 2007 to offer high-end research and advice to corporate, government and institutional clients.

He currently serves as President and CEO.
Yoshida is also a recognized expert in the area of Japan’s space law and government space policy. Through his career, he has undertaken more than 500 surveys and consulting assignments on behalf of clients.Yoshida graduated from International Christian University in Tokyo with Bachelor of Arts degree.

Director: Art Dula

Director: Art Dula

Art Dula was among the first westerners to gain access to Russian space facilities, where he had the wisdom to see the value in surplus Soviet spacecraft. With over 30 years experience as an attorney specializing in aerospace, export control and intellectual property law, Mr. Dula has served as a NASA consultant on space shuttle contracts, and as a legal advisor to the US Congress.
Dula has also served as a Director and General Counsel for several aerospace companies, including Eagle Aerospace, Inc., which contracted to NASA and other aerospace companies; Space Services, Inc., which launched the first private US space vehicle; and Spacehab, Inc., which builds the Spacehab modules for the US Space Shuttle.

In 2005, he founded Excalibur Almaz Ltd, for which Excalibur KK has undertaken a number of assignments, and is CEO and chairman of the board.Dula's publications include "Private Sector Activities in Space," published by Jurimetrics Journal in 1983. He holds a J.D. degree from Tulane University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern New Mexico University.

Vice President: Kio Murakawa

Kio Murakawa

Kio Murakawa is a space systems engineer and one of the few Japanese specialists in the field of space architecture. In his career has worked with researchers at NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing Co. in such areas as development of a manned lunar station, a Mars human habitat, and orbital space platforms.

Since 1995, Kio Murakawa has been involved in space development projects for some major technological companies and R&D in the field of satellite application and satellite services business for some consulting firms.

As an analyst he has authored a number of aerospace studies in such areas as surveillance, space technology, space policy, space station commercialization and trends in global space development.
Aside from his work in the aerospace field, Murakawa is a registered architect in Japan, and has been active in architectural design.

His architectural and design work has also included space-related exhibitions.
He has also spent many years on development in space business in the field of satellite system, earth observation, satellite communication and earthquake prediction working with academics in the field of earthquake precursor phenomena.Murakawa graduated from the University of Houston, in Texas with a Masters Degree in Space Architecture.