About Excalibur KK

Excalibur KK is Japan’s leading consulting firm active in the space and aviation sector including defense, serving Japanese and international clients. Founded in 2007, the firm brings together specialists with 20 or more years of experience in the areas of the aerospace industry. With this experience, we have been able to assist government agencies in setting aerospace policy goals and private companies in entering the fast-developing field of privately funded space exploration.

We believe that the aeronautics and aviation industry is critically important to the future success of Japan, and our firm is therefore dedicated to the promotion of space exploration and the utilization of space as the logical extension of globalization. Excalibur KK helps its clients unlock the huge potential space offers to pioneering corporations and individuals.

The firm’s consulting expertise also covers assignments in related defense and national security areas, especially for space programs undertaken to help ensure national security. Among our clients is Excalibur Almaz Limited, for which Excalibur KK has undertaken a number of projects and assignments. EA’s chairman and Chief Executive Officer Art Dula serves as a director of our firm.

In addition to consultation projects, Excalibur KK assists in procurement and import/export assistance for space-related hardware, using our wide network of connections to assist clients in gaining the necessary approvals and permits. We also assist in the formulation, design, and production of materials for displays, exhibitions and digital content in the area of space and aviation, as well as on-the-ground help for trade shows and exhibitions.

With our background and expertise, Excalibur KK is also able to assist private corporations and individuals who are interested in taking advantage of the new opportunities becoming available in private space exploration and space tourism.